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What is a cookie? A cookie is small file, usually containg a sequence of letters and numbers, which is downlaoded to the user's computer when the user visits a website. On each returning visit, the website receives information from the cookie and recognizes the returning user. Cookies are important to the way a website functions and help to create a better user experience. They are used to analyze website traffic and enable the use of advanced advertisment techniques. (Source:, Guidelines from the Information Commissioner (Smernice informacijskega pooblaščenca))

The cookies our site uses:


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cc_cookie_accept cc_cookie_declineproprietaryeuromidi.euThis cookie records who allows and who blocks the use of cookies. 1 year EUROMIDI UROŠ ZAGOŽEN S.P.
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We use these cookies to monitor visitor statistics and to analyse site activity. These cookies do not contain any personal information. To read how Google uses their cookies, click here!

2 years 30 minutes end of session 6 months

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Using cookies:

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