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 - Midi & MP3 Player OKYWEB 4
 - 1000 Midi fileov

Main functions

1) An instrument simple and powerful.

Okyweb 4 is the most simple and cheap midi and mp3 player with an internal storage of 16 Gb and touch screen.

It is a powerful player of music files with a general Midi generator of 108 notes of polyphony derived from Merish 4. The generator includes 848 sounds such as acoustic and percussive ones with 46 drum kits. The sound has been studied by M-live, with its strong thirty-year experience in production of Midi files, to reach the maximum compatibility with all productions in General Midi and especially with backing tracks available on www.songservice.it

Okyweb 4 is also a Midi Expander when is connected to a Tablet or PC.

Okyweb 4 reads all Midi and Mp3 formats, besides it can edit Midi files and organize them in complex archives also through Playlists. It connects to TV or PC monitor through HDMI cable to read lyrics and chords in synchronization with music.

Okyweb 4, with the optional Wi-Fi M-pen, can be connected to the Internet, accessing the backing tracks’ collection of www.songservice.it and sharing the musical experience through dedicated App.

2) Everything under control in a single screen.

The main screen of Okyweb 4 allows to have everything under control: on the top, it is shown the title of the playing song, in the middle of the screen are displayed lyrics and chords, colored in synchronization with the melody, on the bottom there is the title of the following song and on the right there are seven touch keys with which you can control all functions of the software.

Okyweb 4 is an instrument simple but complete and all connections have been studied to obtain the height of ergonomics. The “search” key opens a keyboard which allows to digit the title or the performer of the song we are searching among the thousands (up to 15.000) of backing tracks can be saved on Okyweb 4.


3) It reads all musical formats. The software is included in the M-pen.

Okyweb 4 reads all backing tracks in whatever formats and it enters in www.songservice.it through the optional M-pen. In this case, the database, which archives the backing tracks, gives all information related to title or performer. Anyway, these data can be written on files in which this information is missing through a designed included software.


4) A multifunctional and complete console.

The mixer page allows to modify in real time the mix of midi files for each instruments’ family. With the “Mute” and “Solo” keys you can cancel a track from your musical performance. Modifications remain valid for all midi files but you can always reactivate the previous setting.


5) Karaoke for all occasions. Lyrics and chords to sing and play your favorite backing tracks.

Okyweb 4 is the ideal instrument to test yourself on doing karaoke at home or in a public place. The connection to Tv is done through HDMI cable. In addition to lyrics, it is possible to display also chords in Italian or in English, according to the tonality chosen. The chords are available both in the traditional format and in the guitar and keyboard tab form. Okyweb 4 is the best instrument for who wants to learn a new backing track. Please note that chords are displayed only if present inside the music file.


6) Customize sounds and effects without fear: the original file will be always available.

The editing function of Okyweb 4 is very complete and simple! Clicking on a touch key, you can enter in the section dedicated to the editing of midi files where you can change each parameter of sounds and effects to customize the backing track and modifications inside the memory. All changes are not destructive and the original version of the file will be always recoverable in any times.
Besides, Okyweb 4 is a powerful expander for Keyboard, Accordion and Pc. You can personalize sounds, according to your tastes and you can play them with your instrument over playing backing tracks.



Technical Datasheet

Main characteristics:

  • Midi file player with 180 notes of polyphony
  • Mp3 player
  • Management of archives with Database by title and performer
  • Connection to the Internet with the optional wi-fi M-pen
  • Sound Database of 848 sounds with 46 Drum Kits
  • Internal storage of 16 Gb to manage midi and mp3 files up to 15000 backing tracks
  • Editing of Midi File
  • Management of the master keyboard
  • Expander usage and connection to PC
  • L = 247mm P = 234mm H = 31 mm Peso 1,4 Kg
  • Delivery time: up to 10 working days

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