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Blagovna znamka: Ketron

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PAKET UGODNOSTI (ob nakupu klaviature):

 - Bon za 1 uro solo-petja v Celju ali Ljubljani
 - Bon v vrednosti 30.00€ za nakup MIDI file-ov/matric
 - Bon v snemalnem studio (2 snemalni uri)
 - Uvajanje v klaviaturo (2 uri)


Več informacij:

The SD7 is a truly ground- breaking musical Instrument designed for both professional and home use. The all new sound engine, audio drums, full MULTIMEDIA  capability , hardware arranger controls, level sliders, full color professional touch screen and on board monitor speakers mean you are ready to enjoy making incredible music now!

Ketron has always inspired musicians with realistic, true to life “Best Natural Sounds” and the most authentic live sounding styles available. Whether you are a performer, entertainer, studio or home user, you are sure to find the new SD7 the most inspiring keyboard to date.

As with all Ketron Instruments the emphasis is on sound quality, purity and authenticity. It is important that when various instrument sounds are mixed, they still maintain their identities. With over 540 orchestral voices, 368 genuine Ketron layered sound edits, plus 46 high quality RAM sounds, the SD7 provides a comprehensive and authentic sound pallet for almost any musical eventuality.

Ketron continues to develop world renown Audio Styles and the SD7 ships with 260 full audio drum/groove styles. You can also create your own styles using the style modeling section and import/convert/ edit legacy styles from many previous Ketron Instruments. This means you have almost limitless possibilities for style enhancement and addition.

The full color touch screen is a completely new feature for our keyboard range. This was developed with great care to ensure full compatibility with live performance use. The instrument retains the all important tactile arranger buttons (Start/Stop, Intros/Endings, Variations, Fills, etc.) as well as real time hardware level controls for quick adjustment of various volumes. The 7” backlit color screen handles important information, instruments, style, and media selection plus many other options in a clear concise manner.

Different modes of play are displayed in such a way that you have access to vital features. These are presented using large, clear, well spaced icons that are easy to see and access without accidentally selecting the option next to it. To make control of the keyboard even easier, many quick-access buttons on the instrument panel take you directly to the correct screen or feature.

We believe the SD7 is the most intuitive and easy to operate Ketron keyboard so far. If you are serious and passionate about making music, the SD7 is for you.

  • Professional Keyboard with Audio and MIDI Player in one live sounding Instrument
  • MULTIMEDIA capability and Multi-track player (5 Audio and 16 MIDI)
  • Audio Drums with live & intelligent arrangements
  • Instantly remix audio tracks with MIDI files and beats
  • Quickly create smart professional beats with audio and MIDI tracks perfectly synchronized using the new built-in Style Modeling tool
  • Human Vocal processor and Harmonizer instantly perfects your singing and keeps you in key
  • Karaoke, Wave, MIDI, MP3, MP4 player and PDF reader — All lyrics are synchronized for K and D Jays displayed on the built-in touch screen or output to an external monitor
  • Instantly apply live effects to selected backing tracks for modern musical effects


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